North West Tech prides itself on it's ability to provide top-notch support to both home users & businesses alike. Have a look below for a short list on the things we do. If you need something done that isn't on this list, drop us a line and we will see what we can do!

Standard Home-user services:

Computer & related peripheral installations
Virus & Malware sweeps
Hardware repair
Basic & Intermediate Training (for things like day-to-day programs etc) - If you're not sure, just ask!
Internet hardware installation & configuration (Need to get yourself onto the internet? No problem!)

Standard Business services:

Server installations & maintenance
Network design
Network hardware installation & maintenance
User account creation & permission control
Data structure design & maintenance
Advanced training for MS Office plus some Line Of Business applications (Ask us!)
Internet & network diagnostics
Internet hardware installation & configuration
VoIP hardware installation & configuration
Liaison services for dealings with suppliers